Most Stain Resistant Carpet Types

stain resistant carpet types

To many experts, a carpet’s resistance to stains depends on its quality. That is to say virtually most materials can make a good stain resistant carpet, but only if its dyeing, manufacturing and finishing are all designed to resist stains. Again, different carpets made by different manufacturers can have varying resistance to stains. As such, it is important to pay special attention on where you get your carpet from. But without special treatments, here are the most stain resistant carpets you should consider buying.

stain resistant carpet types

Wool Carpets

Wool is the only material not treated with stain preventing dyes. As such, wool carpets are hands down the most stain resisting you can get. In fact, wool is not only good at resisting spills, but it is also good at keeping oils off your carpets. By contrast, most other carpets either resist spills or oils but not both. But with its great reputation at resisting materials come a hefty price. Yes, wool is quite expensive, sometimes more expensive than regular carpets. But if you can afford it, then you know what benefits you stand to gain. Most also invest in a good carpet cleaners just to ensure their floors are ever clean.

Nylon Carpets

At a distant second, nylon stands as a good stain resistant material. And because it is not as expensive as wool, it is the most preferred choice by millions of people all around the world. Nylon carpets can actually resist spills pretty much impressively. Unfortunately, they can’t keep off oils like the woolen carpets can. Don’t’ write them off however. If you buy a good quality nylon carpet, it will most likely be treated to resist all types of stains. Most branded nylon carpets actually come treated with such dyes, even though they may cost quite a fortune when compared to regular carpets.

Olefin and Polyester Carpets

True, olefin carpets are very different from their polyester counterparts. But when it comes to resisting spills and oils, they share quite a lot actually. To start with, both are oil-based carpets. And because of this, the carpets are very good at resisting spills. But when it comes to oils, polyester and olefin carpets are just bad at it. So you may ask why you would buy such a carpet. Olefin and polyester carpets are often inexpensive and can work greatly as outdoor carpets. They are also beautiful and durable. In the house, olefin carpets can be placed in the dining rooms, as there are little chances of getting into contact with oils. But if you also have Diamond Head carpet cleaners, you could install the carpets anywhere in your home.

Except for the carpet’s main fiber material, the style used to finish the carpet may affect its stain resistance. Let’s take an example of Berber carpets. You’ve probably see them. They usually combine big and small tufts in a very tight manner. As such, the loop based carpet is able to resist most stains that would have otherwise penetrated and caused havoc on your carpet. Note also that the Berber carpet’s design makes it impossible for your foot prints to be seen. Unfortunately, you may need to call a professional when the carpet finally gets dirty. And if you have to clean it, do it thoroughly. The Berber carpet often dries slowly, which can cause some stains not cleaned to reappear later when you thought the job was done.

Picking a Stain Resistance Carpet

If you never want to have regrets about your carpet choice, learn the stains that affect you the most before buying. In fact, don’t consider anything else when looking for a carpet’s resistance other than what actually affects your other carpets at home. If oil-based stains are your worst nightmare, pay more to get a woolen carpet. But if you can’t afford the costs, bet on a good quality nylon carpet. Good quality carpets and especially the branded nylon models will often be treated for oil stains. In addition, invest in a good carpet cleaner.

If you are only worried about regular stains however, you don’t have much to worry about. Almost every type of carpet is designed to resist normal spills. However, you should at least be sure that your ideal carpet is durable before you pay for it. In fact, a carpet’s durability is very important in determining how good it will be at resisting stains. If it looks thin and weak for instance, it is probably not worth buying. At the top of the most durable carpets lies nylon and wool makes. This time however, nylon is the better material to choose from. For one, nylon doesn’t absorb moisture, meaning it doesn’t need extra care except for cleaning. By contrast, wool absorbs moistures and gets affected by sunlight.

But while still considering a perfect carpet to buy, don’t pay too much on the warranty given about stain or odor resistance. In most cases, you will void the warranty before you can start claiming for compensation. Instead, concentrate on the fabrics and quality, and choose the most ideal carpet for your home.

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