Rent or buy a Pressure Washer

rent or buy a pressure washer

If you sometimes feel like you should own a pressure washer to help with cleaning around your compound, stop for a moment and weigh the pros and cons. For instance, how often would you say you need pressure washing in a year? If you need it less than five times the whole year, maybe you just need to rent. There are a few other factors you should consider, and we have discussed all of them for you to have an easy time deciding if you should buy or rent the pressure washer.

rent or buy a pressure washer

Frequency of Use

Most certainly, how often you use a pressure washer should be the determining factor as to whether you really need to buy a pressure washer. Technically, renting a pressure washer for a couple of hours isn’t expensive. But if you need the machine for more than ten hours every year, it is probably worth it to buy. By contrast, you don’t have to spend almost $500 on a machine that you need once or twice every year. Instead, evaluate your frequency of using a pressure washer and decide on what is the most cost effective option for a person like you.

Cost Issues

Depending on how much they charge to rent a pressure washer where you live, you can determine if buying one is the better option. Let’s you live in a town where renting a pressure washer costs $70 per hour. That means that in two hours you will have spent almost half of what a good quality machine costs to buy. In that case, buying the pressure washer may seem like the better deal. But if you come at a place where renting a washer is cheaper, there probably wouldn’t be any need to buy one for yourself.

Maintenance and Repair Considerations

Although buying a pressure washer isn’t particularly expensive, maintaining one isn’t cheap either. A break down for instance can ask for quite a lot of money, and you haven’t considered the hassles of finding a good mechanic. On the contrary, you never have to worry about upkeep repairs if you rent a pressure washer. All mechanical issues are usually tackled by the machine’s owner. To help you make a decision here, compare the costs of buying plus maintaining a pressure washer for five years for instance with the costs of renting the machine in the same period.


When you buy a pressure washer, you will always have it in your house. By contrast, you have to call or visit several companies before you can find an ideal pressure washer that suits your needs. Certainly, convenience may not be the biggest of your worries if you only do pressure washing twice in a year. But if you do it more often, you would probably feel comfortable knowing you have a reliable machine whenever you want one.

Before you make an apparent decision about your pressure washer however, see the following pros and cons for both renting and buying your own machine.



  • You get the right machine-If you go to the right company, they can rent you the perfect pressure washer for the jobs you have at hand. This is one of the biggest advantages of opting to rent a pressure washer, especially if you want to do heavy duty cleaning but you don’t know where to get the perfect cleaner.
  • Relatively cheap for one off cleaning-Where you don’t pressure washes regularly, renting is the better option. For cleaning after a construction project for instance, you would better off hire a powerful machine and do the job right.
  • You are saved of repair costs-With renting you never have to worry about repair costs because that area will be done by the owner.


  • It is more expensive in the long run-The biggest drawback to renting is that you spend more money in the long run. Even when you only pressure wash three times in a year, the costs of renting will be more than buying a cheap machine in the end.



  • You own the machine-When you buy a pressure washer; you get to use it whenever you need it and as much as you want to. That’s a big advantage especially if you like you clean a lot.
  • Cost effective- Buying any machine that use occasionally always end up being more cost effective. The same case applies with a pressure washer.
  • Convenience-Another great advantage with owning a pressure washer is that you eliminate the inconveniences of renting one. Such inconveniences include time usage limitations and how you use it.


  • You incur maintenance costs-Perhaps the biggest drawback with buying a pressure washer is that you become responsible for its maintenance. Other than that, buying a good quality machine for your exact needs always seem like the better choice for most people.

If you do decide to buy the machine, first we recommend checking out user pressure machine reviews. Here is a good source that can help you with how to pick the best model.

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