How to Maintain the Quality of Your Carpets

how to maintain the quality of your carpet

If you can maintain your kitchen and bathroom smelling fresh all day long, you can also do the same for your carpet. Indeed, carpet maintenance is fairly easier than cleaning your bathroom. Despite this, most of us ignore the carpets more often than anything else. It is probably because most people trust the vacuum cleaner will do all the work. But then, how a carpet cleaner alone can’t maintain the quality of your carpet forever. If anything, steam moping and scrubbing the soft carpets with cleaners could affect their quality in the long run. But you can do something about it after reading the following guide.

Daily Carpet Maintenance

how to maintain the quality of your carpet

Simple things like cleaning stains immediately you see them can go a long way in maintaining the quality of your home. As such, learn to dust and clean your floors on a daily basis. Leave your shoes at the door to prevent outside dirt from getting onto your carpets. When it comes to pet, clean them daily. You don’t have to be thorough with your cleaning on a daily basis however. It is not actually realistic for most people. Instead, work on the simple home cleaning ideas that can keep your floors clean for a long time.

Learn How Your Carpet Should be Cleaned

Different carpets ask for special types of cleaning. And understanding this can help you determine how to clean your carpet regularly without destroying its quality. Fortunately, most sellers offer cleaning guides for the specific carpet you buy.  Again, vacuum cleaning manufacturers also indicate the type of floors the machines are best suited for. As such, only use a cleaner that is designed to work with your specific carpet type. To start with, you can check Diamond Head carpet cleaners for one that suits your carpet.

Choose Cleaning Solutions Wisely

Most people who prefer not to vacuum daily opt for cleaning solutions advertised as great at boosting stain resistance. In most cases, such cleaning solutions don’t live up to their hype. Instead, some of them end up causing bleaches and fading to your carpet. Others simply mask the stains and spills only for them to appear later with carpet looking gross. With this in mind therefore, don’t invest in cheap low quality cleaning solutions.  Instead, ask for advice from experts and buy the best products for your type of carpet.

Deep Clean Often

Using deep clean extraction on your carpets is essential to maintaining their quality. Deep cleaning often removes almost all dirt, stains, spills and pollutants hiding within your carpet. In the end, you are left with a spotless, clean carpet that still looks new. Most carpet cleaning companies can do deep clean extraction efficiently. But you should be keen to ensure they use natural based solutions for the sake of maintaining your carpet’s quality. In addition, ask your professional cleaner to groom the cleaning after extraction. It may cost you a few dollars more but your carpet could look even more glamorous.

Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner plays a major role in maintaining the quality of your carpet. As such, you may want to be keen on the vacuum machine you have. A good vacuum cleaner should not only be efficient, but also convenient.  If you own many pieces of furniture especially, a cleaner than can move under the sofas will help you clean without having to drag the seats around. A good cleaner with rotational brushes and rubberized pads can also help you scrub stains off in a more effective manner. Carpet cleaners offer some of the most versatile machines you could choose from.

Avoid Smoking While in the House

Smoking in many ways stains and leaves an odor in your carpet and other upholstery. For carpets especially, smoking can cause minor or major burns that may in the end be costly to you. But if you have to smoke while in your house, ensure you are not near the carpets. Other than that, also protect your carpet from the risks of getting burnt by other things such as chemicals or lighters.

Additional Maintenance Tips

  • If the carpet gets burnt by accident, cut the affected area carefully with the help of scissors. If the patch is very big, call a professional to help you replace it.
  • If a piece of furniture causes dents on the carpet, stroke the affected areas with a hair dryer or coin.
  • Call a professional immediately you notice water damage on your carpet. This is because water tends to damage both the floors and carpets fast. Damages from water can also be extensive and expensive to repair as well.
  • If you own a soft carpet, buy a good carpet cleaner with big wheels. It will be easier to maneuver without damaging the carpet.
  • Consider calling a professional cleaner every once in a while. At least once in a year should be the minimum.
  • Expand your knowledge in Carpet maintenance by reading relevant resources.

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