Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaner

Tired of scrubbing your floors with mops and brushes? Invest in a good carpet cleaner. Seeing the cleaner’s vacuum lines alone can greatly improve your confidence in the cleanliness of your house. And if you invest in a convenient, easy to use cleaner, you stand a chance to always enjoy the dust free gleaming floors in your home.

choosing the best carpet cleaner

Before you head on to buy a vacuum cleaner however; understand how these machines work. Usually, different cleaners are suited for cleaning certain areas and certain floors. An upright carpet cleaner for instance is convenient for wall to wall carpets but may fail to impress when it comes to cleaning stairs. A handheld machine on the other hand may save you more money and still work efficiently with light duty jobs. But don’t worry if you feel confused at all the cleaners in the market. The following guide looks at the main carpet cleaners in the market today and what they are all best suited for.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright cleaners come in compact designs and upright handles. They feature a bag like chamber where water is stored and a cleaning nozzle on the lower end. The best thing about the cleaners is that they are versatile. They are also easy to maneuver despite their heavy weights, plus they clean faster. If you need deep-cleaning in your home, consider checking these machines out. However, the upright cleaners may not work for you if you have lots of furniture in your home, since you have to keep moving the sofas and tables around for better carpet cleaning. Their bulkiness may also not appeal everyone.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Although bulkier, canister machines resemble upright cleaners in many ways. For one, they have broom like handles. They are also tall in nature. But on the lower end, the cleaners feature a bigger cleaning head. You’ve probably seen such big heads from carpet cleaners. Their biggest strength points however are in their versatile nature.  You could add numerous attachments to the canister models for instance and clean a wide range of floors. But while they have a considerably good suction power for cleaning dirt, they are also bulky. In fact, with their big bodies and long hoses, it is harder to squeeze a canister into a small shortage space.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Resembling a stick, these vacuum cleaners are light and convenient in numerous ways. They are battery powered, tall and efficient cleaners. Unfortunately, their light and small nature makes them less appealing to home owners. They have small dirt bins for instance, meaning you can’t clean great lengths without emptying their bins. They are also light weight and generally inefficient at cleaning tough stains.

Hand-held Cleaners

Some people say handheld cleaners are the future of vacuum cleaning. And true, modern handheld cleaners have features you find irresistible. Some of the machines weigh less than 5 pounds for instance. They are also very light to fit in a small bag. But of even more importance, handheld cleaners can eliminate dirt efficiently especially in the hard to reach surfaces.  For small home dwellers, a good quality handheld machine might all you need. They can easily help you clean along your carpet’s edges, under the cupboards and virtually anywhere the upright machines may never reach.  They can also do upholstery in your home or in the car. Unfortunately, handheld cleaners are not the most powerful you can get. They are small and lightweight after all.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

While they may not be as popular as other cleaners, these machines are some of the most efficient you can get. They are designed with big dirt bins, wheeled chambers for easy maneuverability and powerful heads. They also have inbuilt liquid pumps; which is what differentiates them from other cleaners. With the liquid pumps, these machines are able to desperate dry and wet debris for easier cleaning. Technically, wet and dry cleaners are very popular, are mostly owned by commercial cleaning companies. But if you can afford their hefty prices, they are the vacuum cleaners that are worth every penny they cost. Moreover, they can also be used for almost any carpet type.

Special Features to Consider in a Carpet Cleaner

HEPA Filters

If you are asthmatic or generally allergic to pet hair and other air pollutants, consider checking for HEPA filters in the cleaner. A HEPA cleaner is the standard filtration system for trapping minute dirt, dust and other air pollutants that may affect you as you clean.


Check for the number of useful accessories in the carpet cleaner you will use before buying it. Great value carpet cleaners will come with attachable nozzles for easing your work in hard to reach surfaces for instance. Some other machines may have rubberized ends and brushes that can better your cleaning experience.

Finally, check at the price and evaluate if it provides the value you deserve. In most cases, mid-priced cleaners offer the best value in both performance and durability. Another good recommendation when looking for the best carpet cleaner is to check user reviews. Check this source that offers great guides, comparisons of top products and reviews.

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