Carpet Types Explained

carpet types explained

Carpets influence the feel, appearance and general attractiveness of your home in many ways. Despite this, it takes hard work and research to own the perfect carpet for your floor. As such, it is important to know the best materials for high traffic areas for instance or the best fibers for occasional rooms. Read below therefore and learn some of the most popular carpet materials in the market, as well as unique carpet styles you should check out.

Nylon Carpet Fibers

carpet types explained

Nylon fiber carpets are some of the most common carpets in the world today. They are relatively cheap, versatile and provide excellent flexibility when you need to install or use them to create a unique style in your home. In addition, nylon carpets come in almost any colors; thus making them an ideal purchase when you want to create uniformity in your house. When it comes to durability, nylon carpets never disappoint. If you buy high quality nylon carpets, they could serve you for quite a long time.

Olefin Carpets

Unlike wool, olefin carpets are designed to be water resistant. Also, the carpets are solution dyed while getting manufacturer, meaning their colors can never fade or get affected by stains. And since solution dyeing makes the colors an inherent part of the carpet, not even bleaches or harsh chemicals can easily affect your carpet. Note however that olefin carpets aren’t as durable as their nylon or woolen counterparts. As such they are mainly used in low traffic regions.

Polyester Carpets

Also known as PET carpets, polyester carpets are known for their excellent color clarity and softness. They are a great choice in low to medium traffic areas such as in the bedrooms. And since most polyester made carpets have bold and beautiful colors, they can work perfectly in kids’ bedrooms. Note however that there is more than one type of polyester carpet fibers. PTT fibers for instance only came into the market about thirty years ago. The carpets present an incredible stain resistance design, meaning you could still install them in slightly high traffic areas. However, they still get dirt. They are in fact notorious for providing difficulties when you need to clean them. Fortunately, any of the top Diamond Head carpet cleaners can ease your carpet cleaning job.

Wool Carpet

Wool is one of the traditional carpet fibers that are very popular in the US. Good quality woolen carpets are often soft and provide appealing warmth to your house. In addition, wool-made carpets are also easy to maintain because they are good at resisting most types of stains. Unfortunately wool on its own is not the most durable material. Despite this, you can end up with a durable wool-made carpet for some reasons. For instance, manufacturers now combine synthetic materials along wool carpets to add the elements of strength and durability.

Polypropylene Carpets

Polypropylene carpets are very common in retail stores even though they may be labeled in different names. They are often weaved with velvet twist styles for aesthetic reasons. However, the polypropylene materials makes stain resistant in such a way you could install them in any high traffic areas and still clean with ease. The material is hard to fade and better yet, it is usually more affordable than wool or nylon carpets.

As we already stated, carpet manufacturers these days combine different materials to make unique, durable and appealing designs. The weaving of these materials is especially unique to suit different preferences. Continue reading to learn about these styles as you prepare to invest in a new carpet and great Diamond Head carpet cleaners for carpet maintenance.

Cut Pile

A cut pile carpet has its fibers cut in a tightly twisted upright manner. Such carpets often come in plain colors. They are great if you are on a tight budget and you are not strict about the general feel of your floor.

Velvet Pile

The carpet has its fibers slightly twisted like in the cut pile design. But since its piles are only slightly twisted, it provides a smooth cozy feeling. Usually, velvet piles are more expensive than other types of carpets.

Shag Pile Design

It is similar to a cut pile, but its fibers are longer. This leaves the carpet with a shaggy feel that is luxurious all the same.

Loop Pile

Also known as a Berber pile carpet, the loop carpet is heavy thanks to its loop designed piles. Depending on the manufacturer, a loop pile carpet can come in a uniform color design or come with different sized loops for a better feel.

Saxony Carpets

Like its counterpart, shag, a Saxony carpet is one whose tufts are long in design. However, its piles are also twisted and its fibers are more densely packed than with shag piles. The carpet’s greatest advantage lies in its luxurious smooth looks. It also looks less formal, and can provide the welcoming and attractive appeal you probably would want in your sitting room. Cleaning the Saxony models with Diamond Head carpet cleaners is also easy.

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