Carpet Odor Removal

removing carpet odors

Irrespective of where it comes from, unpleasant odor can cause havoc in a home. Fortunately it is easy to eliminate most types of odors. There are numerous cleaning solutions designed for eliminating most types of odors, and they mostly work efficiently. When it comes to handling various carpets however, you can’t just apply any type of deodorizer. After all, most of these products are designed to mask the bad smell, meaning the real source of odor doesn’t get destroyed. In the next few minutes, we shall look at the different ways you can eliminate odors, and tips on how to prevent your floors from staying dirty in the long run.

removing carpet odors

First things first, what causes carpet odors? Pets are the most notorious sources of carpet odors for most people. When they go out to play for instance, they often drag dirt and debris into your house. If not trained also, they will often piss on your carpets. But since you can’t totally keep them away from your house, you just have to learn how to survive with them. Other than pets though, spilt beverages, food and water damages are other factors that may make your carpet to smell. Whichever the case, here is how you can deal with odors.

Handling Minor Odors

Sometimes odors come from minor issues that you can handle easily. In that case, you don’t need to panic or feel embarrassed. Instead, determine the part of your carpet where the smell is coming from and use hot soapy water to do thorough cleaning. If you have an antibacterial soap, use it instead of normal detergents. But also ensure to rinse the affected area with vinegar for a 100 percent assurance you did the job right. Most of such odors come from pet piss, food spills or grease. And they shouldn’t worry a lot like some of the following odors.

Vacuum Often

Before taking drastic measures, experiment with regular carpet care tips to see if there is a change. Open windows often for instance. Vacuum with good a good carpet cleaner and observe if there is still odor coming from the carpets. If the odor goes away after a few days of vacuum cleaning, continue maintaining high sanitation levels in your home and you will be fine. At times, the carpets could be holding odors for lack of good air circulation for instance. And you certainly don’t have to call a professional for such a minor problem.

Alternative Ways to Handle Carpet Odors

Baking Soda

You probably use baking soda to eliminate odors from other areas in your home already. Baking soda is safe for almost any type of carpet, it doesn’t leave any undesirable scents and it is effective. Note however that you don’t need a lot of baking soda for your home. If you identify the areas where the smells are coming for instance, sprinkle your soda on such areas alone. But if your carpet is not big, sprinkle the soda all over it and rub gently with a brush. Allow the soda to get absorbed by your carpet for a few hours and then observe if the carpet smells fresh. If it doesn’t, try the following options.

White Vinegar and Water

If you have white vinegar in your house, use it to help eliminate odors from your carpet. Simply mix enough vinegar with water on a 50/50 proportion. Sprinkle the solution all over your carpet or in the affected areas alone. After that, cover the most affected areas with a clean towel and inform other people in the house not to step on the carpet immediately. If the smell is still not gone after that, you may want to reinforce your cleaning with baking soda.

How to Prevent Carpet Odors

As you probably know, cleaning the carpets all the time isn’t fun. But fortunately preventing odors from happening can keep your home smelling fresh and save your time from regular cleaning. Here are important tips to help prevent carpet odors.

  • Proper ventilation-Some carpets suck up odors from the surroundings when air circulation is a problem in your house. As such, invest in good ventilation units or in air conditions that can help enhance air circulation in your home.
  • Open windows regularly-Unless you are worried bugs might get into your home, open windows occasionally just to let fresh air get into your home. This not only leaves the carpet clean, but it also eliminates odors from other parts of your house.
  • Invest in a good air purifier-Instead of having to rush to clean carpets immediately you feel a bad smell, invest in an air purifier.
  • Invest in good quality Diamond Head carpet cleaners.

Finally, eliminate anything that may wet the carpets unnecessarily. Water under the carpets can in fact damage and cause havoc in your home, and the costs of repairing the carpet can end up being too hefty.

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