Rent or buy a Pressure Washer

If you sometimes feel like you should own a pressure washer to help with cleaning around your compound, stop for a moment and weigh the pros and cons. For instance, how often would you say you need pressure washing in a year? If you need it less than five times the whole year, maybe you just need to rent. There are a few other factors you should consider, and we have discussed all of them for you to have an easy time deciding if you should buy or rent the pressure washer.

rent or buy a pressure washer

Frequency of Use

Most certainly, how often you use a pressure washer should be the determining factor as to whether you really need to buy a pressure washer. Technically, renting a pressure washer for a couple of hours isn’t expensive. But if you need the machine for more than ten hours every year, it is probably worth it to buy. By contrast, you don’t have to spend almost $500 on a machine that you need once or twice every year. Instead, evaluate your frequency of using a pressure washer and decide on what is the most cost effective option for a person like you.

Cost Issues

Depending on how much they charge to rent a pressure washer where you live, you can determine if buying one is the better option. Let’s you live in a town where renting a pressure washer costs $70 per hour. That means that in two hours you will have spent almost half of what a good quality machine costs to buy. In that case, buying the pressure washer may seem like the better deal. But if you come at a place where renting a washer is cheaper, there probably wouldn’t be any need to buy one for yourself.

Maintenance and Repair Considerations

Although buying a pressure washer isn’t particularly expensive, maintaining one isn’t cheap either. A break down for instance can ask for quite a lot of money, and you haven’t considered the hassles of finding a good mechanic. On the contrary, you never have to worry about upkeep repairs if you rent a pressure washer. All mechanical issues are usually tackled by the machine’s owner. To help you make a decision here, compare the costs of buying plus maintaining a pressure washer for five years for instance with the costs of renting the machine in the same period.


When you buy a pressure washer, you will always have it in your house. By contrast, you have to call or visit several companies before you can find an ideal pressure washer that suits your needs. Certainly, convenience may not be the biggest of your worries if you only do pressure washing twice in a year. But if you do it more often, you would probably feel comfortable knowing you have a reliable machine whenever you want one.

Before you make an apparent decision about your pressure washer however, see the following pros and cons for both renting and buying your own machine.



  • You get the right machine-If you go to the right company, they can rent you the perfect pressure washer for the jobs you have at hand. This is one of the biggest advantages of opting to rent a pressure washer, especially if you want to do heavy duty cleaning but you don’t know where to get the perfect cleaner.
  • Relatively cheap for one off cleaning-Where you don’t pressure washes regularly, renting is the better option. For cleaning after a construction project for instance, you would better off hire a powerful machine and do the job right.
  • You are saved of repair costs-With renting you never have to worry about repair costs because that area will be done by the owner.


  • It is more expensive in the long run-The biggest drawback to renting is that you spend more money in the long run. Even when you only pressure wash three times in a year, the costs of renting will be more than buying a cheap machine in the end.



  • You own the machine-When you buy a pressure washer; you get to use it whenever you need it and as much as you want to. That’s a big advantage especially if you like you clean a lot.
  • Cost effective- Buying any machine that use occasionally always end up being more cost effective. The same case applies with a pressure washer.
  • Convenience-Another great advantage with owning a pressure washer is that you eliminate the inconveniences of renting one. Such inconveniences include time usage limitations and how you use it.


  • You incur maintenance costs-Perhaps the biggest drawback with buying a pressure washer is that you become responsible for its maintenance. Other than that, buying a good quality machine for your exact needs always seem like the better choice for most people.

If you do decide to buy the machine, first we recommend checking out user pressure machine reviews. Here is a good source that can help you with how to pick the best model.

Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaner

Tired of scrubbing your floors with mops and brushes? Invest in a good carpet cleaner. Seeing the cleaner’s vacuum lines alone can greatly improve your confidence in the cleanliness of your house. And if you invest in a convenient, easy to use cleaner, you stand a chance to always enjoy the dust free gleaming floors in your home.

choosing the best carpet cleaner

Before you head on to buy a vacuum cleaner however; understand how these machines work. Usually, different cleaners are suited for cleaning certain areas and certain floors. An upright carpet cleaner for instance is convenient for wall to wall carpets but may fail to impress when it comes to cleaning stairs. A handheld machine on the other hand may save you more money and still work efficiently with light duty jobs. But don’t worry if you feel confused at all the cleaners in the market. The following guide looks at the main carpet cleaners in the market today and what they are all best suited for.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright cleaners come in compact designs and upright handles. They feature a bag like chamber where water is stored and a cleaning nozzle on the lower end. The best thing about the cleaners is that they are versatile. They are also easy to maneuver despite their heavy weights, plus they clean faster. If you need deep-cleaning in your home, consider checking these machines out. However, the upright cleaners may not work for you if you have lots of furniture in your home, since you have to keep moving the sofas and tables around for better carpet cleaning. Their bulkiness may also not appeal everyone.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Although bulkier, canister machines resemble upright cleaners in many ways. For one, they have broom like handles. They are also tall in nature. But on the lower end, the cleaners feature a bigger cleaning head. You’ve probably seen such big heads from carpet cleaners. Their biggest strength points however are in their versatile nature.  You could add numerous attachments to the canister models for instance and clean a wide range of floors. But while they have a considerably good suction power for cleaning dirt, they are also bulky. In fact, with their big bodies and long hoses, it is harder to squeeze a canister into a small shortage space.

Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Resembling a stick, these vacuum cleaners are light and convenient in numerous ways. They are battery powered, tall and efficient cleaners. Unfortunately, their light and small nature makes them less appealing to home owners. They have small dirt bins for instance, meaning you can’t clean great lengths without emptying their bins. They are also light weight and generally inefficient at cleaning tough stains.

Hand-held Cleaners

Some people say handheld cleaners are the future of vacuum cleaning. And true, modern handheld cleaners have features you find irresistible. Some of the machines weigh less than 5 pounds for instance. They are also very light to fit in a small bag. But of even more importance, handheld cleaners can eliminate dirt efficiently especially in the hard to reach surfaces.  For small home dwellers, a good quality handheld machine might all you need. They can easily help you clean along your carpet’s edges, under the cupboards and virtually anywhere the upright machines may never reach.  They can also do upholstery in your home or in the car. Unfortunately, handheld cleaners are not the most powerful you can get. They are small and lightweight after all.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

While they may not be as popular as other cleaners, these machines are some of the most efficient you can get. They are designed with big dirt bins, wheeled chambers for easy maneuverability and powerful heads. They also have inbuilt liquid pumps; which is what differentiates them from other cleaners. With the liquid pumps, these machines are able to desperate dry and wet debris for easier cleaning. Technically, wet and dry cleaners are very popular, are mostly owned by commercial cleaning companies. But if you can afford their hefty prices, they are the vacuum cleaners that are worth every penny they cost. Moreover, they can also be used for almost any carpet type.

Special Features to Consider in a Carpet Cleaner

HEPA Filters

If you are asthmatic or generally allergic to pet hair and other air pollutants, consider checking for HEPA filters in the cleaner. A HEPA cleaner is the standard filtration system for trapping minute dirt, dust and other air pollutants that may affect you as you clean.


Check for the number of useful accessories in the carpet cleaner you will use before buying it. Great value carpet cleaners will come with attachable nozzles for easing your work in hard to reach surfaces for instance. Some other machines may have rubberized ends and brushes that can better your cleaning experience.

Finally, check at the price and evaluate if it provides the value you deserve. In most cases, mid-priced cleaners offer the best value in both performance and durability. Another good recommendation when looking for the best carpet cleaner is to check user reviews. Check this source that offers great guides, comparisons of top products and reviews.

Most Stain Resistant Carpet Types

To many experts, a carpet’s resistance to stains depends on its quality. That is to say virtually most materials can make a good stain resistant carpet, but only if its dyeing, manufacturing and finishing are all designed to resist stains. Again, different carpets made by different manufacturers can have varying resistance to stains. As such, it is important to pay special attention on where you get your carpet from. But without special treatments, here are the most stain resistant carpets you should consider buying.

stain resistant carpet types

Wool Carpets

Wool is the only material not treated with stain preventing dyes. As such, wool carpets are hands down the most stain resisting you can get. In fact, wool is not only good at resisting spills, but it is also good at keeping oils off your carpets. By contrast, most other carpets either resist spills or oils but not both. But with its great reputation at resisting materials come a hefty price. Yes, wool is quite expensive, sometimes more expensive than regular carpets. But if you can afford it, then you know what benefits you stand to gain. Most also invest in a good carpet cleaners just to ensure their floors are ever clean.

Nylon Carpets

At a distant second, nylon stands as a good stain resistant material. And because it is not as expensive as wool, it is the most preferred choice by millions of people all around the world. Nylon carpets can actually resist spills pretty much impressively. Unfortunately, they can’t keep off oils like the woolen carpets can. Don’t’ write them off however. If you buy a good quality nylon carpet, it will most likely be treated to resist all types of stains. Most branded nylon carpets actually come treated with such dyes, even though they may cost quite a fortune when compared to regular carpets.

Olefin and Polyester Carpets

True, olefin carpets are very different from their polyester counterparts. But when it comes to resisting spills and oils, they share quite a lot actually. To start with, both are oil-based carpets. And because of this, the carpets are very good at resisting spills. But when it comes to oils, polyester and olefin carpets are just bad at it. So you may ask why you would buy such a carpet. Olefin and polyester carpets are often inexpensive and can work greatly as outdoor carpets. They are also beautiful and durable. In the house, olefin carpets can be placed in the dining rooms, as there are little chances of getting into contact with oils. But if you also have Diamond Head carpet cleaners, you could install the carpets anywhere in your home.

Except for the carpet’s main fiber material, the style used to finish the carpet may affect its stain resistance. Let’s take an example of Berber carpets. You’ve probably see them. They usually combine big and small tufts in a very tight manner. As such, the loop based carpet is able to resist most stains that would have otherwise penetrated and caused havoc on your carpet. Note also that the Berber carpet’s design makes it impossible for your foot prints to be seen. Unfortunately, you may need to call a professional when the carpet finally gets dirty. And if you have to clean it, do it thoroughly. The Berber carpet often dries slowly, which can cause some stains not cleaned to reappear later when you thought the job was done.

Picking a Stain Resistance Carpet

If you never want to have regrets about your carpet choice, learn the stains that affect you the most before buying. In fact, don’t consider anything else when looking for a carpet’s resistance other than what actually affects your other carpets at home. If oil-based stains are your worst nightmare, pay more to get a woolen carpet. But if you can’t afford the costs, bet on a good quality nylon carpet. Good quality carpets and especially the branded nylon models will often be treated for oil stains. In addition, invest in a good carpet cleaner.

If you are only worried about regular stains however, you don’t have much to worry about. Almost every type of carpet is designed to resist normal spills. However, you should at least be sure that your ideal carpet is durable before you pay for it. In fact, a carpet’s durability is very important in determining how good it will be at resisting stains. If it looks thin and weak for instance, it is probably not worth buying. At the top of the most durable carpets lies nylon and wool makes. This time however, nylon is the better material to choose from. For one, nylon doesn’t absorb moisture, meaning it doesn’t need extra care except for cleaning. By contrast, wool absorbs moistures and gets affected by sunlight.

But while still considering a perfect carpet to buy, don’t pay too much on the warranty given about stain or odor resistance. In most cases, you will void the warranty before you can start claiming for compensation. Instead, concentrate on the fabrics and quality, and choose the most ideal carpet for your home.

How to Maintain the Quality of Your Carpets

If you can maintain your kitchen and bathroom smelling fresh all day long, you can also do the same for your carpet. Indeed, carpet maintenance is fairly easier than cleaning your bathroom. Despite this, most of us ignore the carpets more often than anything else. It is probably because most people trust the vacuum cleaner will do all the work. But then, how a carpet cleaner alone can’t maintain the quality of your carpet forever. If anything, steam moping and scrubbing the soft carpets with cleaners could affect their quality in the long run. But you can do something about it after reading the following guide.

Daily Carpet Maintenance

how to maintain the quality of your carpet

Simple things like cleaning stains immediately you see them can go a long way in maintaining the quality of your home. As such, learn to dust and clean your floors on a daily basis. Leave your shoes at the door to prevent outside dirt from getting onto your carpets. When it comes to pet, clean them daily. You don’t have to be thorough with your cleaning on a daily basis however. It is not actually realistic for most people. Instead, work on the simple home cleaning ideas that can keep your floors clean for a long time.

Learn How Your Carpet Should be Cleaned

Different carpets ask for special types of cleaning. And understanding this can help you determine how to clean your carpet regularly without destroying its quality. Fortunately, most sellers offer cleaning guides for the specific carpet you buy.  Again, vacuum cleaning manufacturers also indicate the type of floors the machines are best suited for. As such, only use a cleaner that is designed to work with your specific carpet type. To start with, you can check Diamond Head carpet cleaners for one that suits your carpet.

Choose Cleaning Solutions Wisely

Most people who prefer not to vacuum daily opt for cleaning solutions advertised as great at boosting stain resistance. In most cases, such cleaning solutions don’t live up to their hype. Instead, some of them end up causing bleaches and fading to your carpet. Others simply mask the stains and spills only for them to appear later with carpet looking gross. With this in mind therefore, don’t invest in cheap low quality cleaning solutions.  Instead, ask for advice from experts and buy the best products for your type of carpet.

Deep Clean Often

Using deep clean extraction on your carpets is essential to maintaining their quality. Deep cleaning often removes almost all dirt, stains, spills and pollutants hiding within your carpet. In the end, you are left with a spotless, clean carpet that still looks new. Most carpet cleaning companies can do deep clean extraction efficiently. But you should be keen to ensure they use natural based solutions for the sake of maintaining your carpet’s quality. In addition, ask your professional cleaner to groom the cleaning after extraction. It may cost you a few dollars more but your carpet could look even more glamorous.

Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner plays a major role in maintaining the quality of your carpet. As such, you may want to be keen on the vacuum machine you have. A good vacuum cleaner should not only be efficient, but also convenient.  If you own many pieces of furniture especially, a cleaner than can move under the sofas will help you clean without having to drag the seats around. A good cleaner with rotational brushes and rubberized pads can also help you scrub stains off in a more effective manner. Carpet cleaners offer some of the most versatile machines you could choose from.

Avoid Smoking While in the House

Smoking in many ways stains and leaves an odor in your carpet and other upholstery. For carpets especially, smoking can cause minor or major burns that may in the end be costly to you. But if you have to smoke while in your house, ensure you are not near the carpets. Other than that, also protect your carpet from the risks of getting burnt by other things such as chemicals or lighters.

Additional Maintenance Tips

  • If the carpet gets burnt by accident, cut the affected area carefully with the help of scissors. If the patch is very big, call a professional to help you replace it.
  • If a piece of furniture causes dents on the carpet, stroke the affected areas with a hair dryer or coin.
  • Call a professional immediately you notice water damage on your carpet. This is because water tends to damage both the floors and carpets fast. Damages from water can also be extensive and expensive to repair as well.
  • If you own a soft carpet, buy a good carpet cleaner with big wheels. It will be easier to maneuver without damaging the carpet.
  • Consider calling a professional cleaner every once in a while. At least once in a year should be the minimum.
  • Expand your knowledge in Carpet maintenance by reading relevant resources.

Carpet Odor Removal

Irrespective of where it comes from, unpleasant odor can cause havoc in a home. Fortunately it is easy to eliminate most types of odors. There are numerous cleaning solutions designed for eliminating most types of odors, and they mostly work efficiently. When it comes to handling various carpets however, you can’t just apply any type of deodorizer. After all, most of these products are designed to mask the bad smell, meaning the real source of odor doesn’t get destroyed. In the next few minutes, we shall look at the different ways you can eliminate odors, and tips on how to prevent your floors from staying dirty in the long run.

removing carpet odors

First things first, what causes carpet odors? Pets are the most notorious sources of carpet odors for most people. When they go out to play for instance, they often drag dirt and debris into your house. If not trained also, they will often piss on your carpets. But since you can’t totally keep them away from your house, you just have to learn how to survive with them. Other than pets though, spilt beverages, food and water damages are other factors that may make your carpet to smell. Whichever the case, here is how you can deal with odors.

Handling Minor Odors

Sometimes odors come from minor issues that you can handle easily. In that case, you don’t need to panic or feel embarrassed. Instead, determine the part of your carpet where the smell is coming from and use hot soapy water to do thorough cleaning. If you have an antibacterial soap, use it instead of normal detergents. But also ensure to rinse the affected area with vinegar for a 100 percent assurance you did the job right. Most of such odors come from pet piss, food spills or grease. And they shouldn’t worry a lot like some of the following odors.

Vacuum Often

Before taking drastic measures, experiment with regular carpet care tips to see if there is a change. Open windows often for instance. Vacuum with good a good carpet cleaner and observe if there is still odor coming from the carpets. If the odor goes away after a few days of vacuum cleaning, continue maintaining high sanitation levels in your home and you will be fine. At times, the carpets could be holding odors for lack of good air circulation for instance. And you certainly don’t have to call a professional for such a minor problem.

Alternative Ways to Handle Carpet Odors

Baking Soda

You probably use baking soda to eliminate odors from other areas in your home already. Baking soda is safe for almost any type of carpet, it doesn’t leave any undesirable scents and it is effective. Note however that you don’t need a lot of baking soda for your home. If you identify the areas where the smells are coming for instance, sprinkle your soda on such areas alone. But if your carpet is not big, sprinkle the soda all over it and rub gently with a brush. Allow the soda to get absorbed by your carpet for a few hours and then observe if the carpet smells fresh. If it doesn’t, try the following options.

White Vinegar and Water

If you have white vinegar in your house, use it to help eliminate odors from your carpet. Simply mix enough vinegar with water on a 50/50 proportion. Sprinkle the solution all over your carpet or in the affected areas alone. After that, cover the most affected areas with a clean towel and inform other people in the house not to step on the carpet immediately. If the smell is still not gone after that, you may want to reinforce your cleaning with baking soda.

How to Prevent Carpet Odors

As you probably know, cleaning the carpets all the time isn’t fun. But fortunately preventing odors from happening can keep your home smelling fresh and save your time from regular cleaning. Here are important tips to help prevent carpet odors.

  • Proper ventilation-Some carpets suck up odors from the surroundings when air circulation is a problem in your house. As such, invest in good ventilation units or in air conditions that can help enhance air circulation in your home.
  • Open windows regularly-Unless you are worried bugs might get into your home, open windows occasionally just to let fresh air get into your home. This not only leaves the carpet clean, but it also eliminates odors from other parts of your house.
  • Invest in a good air purifier-Instead of having to rush to clean carpets immediately you feel a bad smell, invest in an air purifier.
  • Invest in good quality Diamond Head carpet cleaners.

Finally, eliminate anything that may wet the carpets unnecessarily. Water under the carpets can in fact damage and cause havoc in your home, and the costs of repairing the carpet can end up being too hefty.

Carpet Types Explained

Carpets influence the feel, appearance and general attractiveness of your home in many ways. Despite this, it takes hard work and research to own the perfect carpet for your floor. As such, it is important to know the best materials for high traffic areas for instance or the best fibers for occasional rooms. Read below therefore and learn some of the most popular carpet materials in the market, as well as unique carpet styles you should check out.

Nylon Carpet Fibers

carpet types explained

Nylon fiber carpets are some of the most common carpets in the world today. They are relatively cheap, versatile and provide excellent flexibility when you need to install or use them to create a unique style in your home. In addition, nylon carpets come in almost any colors; thus making them an ideal purchase when you want to create uniformity in your house. When it comes to durability, nylon carpets never disappoint. If you buy high quality nylon carpets, they could serve you for quite a long time.

Olefin Carpets

Unlike wool, olefin carpets are designed to be water resistant. Also, the carpets are solution dyed while getting manufacturer, meaning their colors can never fade or get affected by stains. And since solution dyeing makes the colors an inherent part of the carpet, not even bleaches or harsh chemicals can easily affect your carpet. Note however that olefin carpets aren’t as durable as their nylon or woolen counterparts. As such they are mainly used in low traffic regions.

Polyester Carpets

Also known as PET carpets, polyester carpets are known for their excellent color clarity and softness. They are a great choice in low to medium traffic areas such as in the bedrooms. And since most polyester made carpets have bold and beautiful colors, they can work perfectly in kids’ bedrooms. Note however that there is more than one type of polyester carpet fibers. PTT fibers for instance only came into the market about thirty years ago. The carpets present an incredible stain resistance design, meaning you could still install them in slightly high traffic areas. However, they still get dirt. They are in fact notorious for providing difficulties when you need to clean them. Fortunately, any of the top Diamond Head carpet cleaners can ease your carpet cleaning job.

Wool Carpet

Wool is one of the traditional carpet fibers that are very popular in the US. Good quality woolen carpets are often soft and provide appealing warmth to your house. In addition, wool-made carpets are also easy to maintain because they are good at resisting most types of stains. Unfortunately wool on its own is not the most durable material. Despite this, you can end up with a durable wool-made carpet for some reasons. For instance, manufacturers now combine synthetic materials along wool carpets to add the elements of strength and durability.

Polypropylene Carpets

Polypropylene carpets are very common in retail stores even though they may be labeled in different names. They are often weaved with velvet twist styles for aesthetic reasons. However, the polypropylene materials makes stain resistant in such a way you could install them in any high traffic areas and still clean with ease. The material is hard to fade and better yet, it is usually more affordable than wool or nylon carpets.

As we already stated, carpet manufacturers these days combine different materials to make unique, durable and appealing designs. The weaving of these materials is especially unique to suit different preferences. Continue reading to learn about these styles as you prepare to invest in a new carpet and great Diamond Head carpet cleaners for carpet maintenance.

Cut Pile

A cut pile carpet has its fibers cut in a tightly twisted upright manner. Such carpets often come in plain colors. They are great if you are on a tight budget and you are not strict about the general feel of your floor.

Velvet Pile

The carpet has its fibers slightly twisted like in the cut pile design. But since its piles are only slightly twisted, it provides a smooth cozy feeling. Usually, velvet piles are more expensive than other types of carpets.

Shag Pile Design

It is similar to a cut pile, but its fibers are longer. This leaves the carpet with a shaggy feel that is luxurious all the same.

Loop Pile

Also known as a Berber pile carpet, the loop carpet is heavy thanks to its loop designed piles. Depending on the manufacturer, a loop pile carpet can come in a uniform color design or come with different sized loops for a better feel.

Saxony Carpets

Like its counterpart, shag, a Saxony carpet is one whose tufts are long in design. However, its piles are also twisted and its fibers are more densely packed than with shag piles. The carpet’s greatest advantage lies in its luxurious smooth looks. It also looks less formal, and can provide the welcoming and attractive appeal you probably would want in your sitting room. Cleaning the Saxony models with Diamond Head carpet cleaners is also easy.